About Us

About Us


Q: What is TVRakyat.Asia?
A: TVRakyat.Asia is the website of TVRakyat.Asia.

Q: What are the objectives of the website?
A: Among others, the objective of the website is to be the key online source of information about its owner, TVRakyat.Asia. The website aims to serve as an interactive platform between TVRakyat.Asia and fellow Malaysians on issues affecting the country and its people today. It also aims to encourage Malaysians to take a proactive part in fostering a healthy attitude in a multicultural community.

Q: Whom is the website for?
A: It caters primarily to all Malaysians, but is also useful to non-Malaysians. The original content may be reproduced or referenced by any media with permission.

Q: Does TVRakyat.Asia participate in the site? Can I interact with him?
A: TVRakyat.Asia participates fully in the website, predominantly through blogs and video messages. The site is the brainchild of TVRakyat.Asia and them conceptualized the website’s look and content, with the support of a dedicated team.

Q: How frequently is TVRakyat.Asia updated?
A: The website is updated daily. Please check the home page to see all the latest updates. You can also sign up for updates via email.

Q: How can I be involved in TVRakyat.Asia?
A: You can be involved by visiting the website regularly.Please ensure that you give us a valid email address to receive our newsletters on latest updates. We will be introducing a number of interactive content and programmes in the near future to generate a healthy environment for all Malaysians.

Email: TVRakyat.Asia[at]gmail.com

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